- My boyfriend lied. What should I do?

The full question: ‘My boyfriend went to a party and lied about smoking and drinking on Valentine’s Day. What should I do?’ The answer: Call the Police and report his appalling misbehavior – it could be a misdemeanor, it might even be a felony. After that you should stomp your feet, throw a temper tantrum, [...]

- Should I make up with her?

The full question: ‘My girlfriend left me for another guy and now she wants to come back to me. I still love her, but I am really hurt. What should I do?’ The answer: You flippin’ pussy… Keep well away from her. Or I’ll electrocute your crown jewels because you don’t deserve them. Guy Blews [...]

- This girl won’t leave me alone. What do I say to her?

Say nothing… and then make out with her Mother… in front of her. Guy Blews (aka. Dr. Smack) – www.SmackTherapy.com

- How do I get my Ex back?

The full question: My ex and I split up a year ago and she vowed to never talk to me again. I have tried to contact her via phone and text, but have heard nothing back. How do I get her to talk to me? The answer: Ignore her. And get another girlfriend. She’ll wonder [...]

- My boyfriend makes me miserable. What should I do?

Dump him. If one person makes another person unhappy there is only one fool in that equation. Guy Blews (aka. Dr. Smack) – www.SmackTherapy.com

- Why does my ex-wife hate me so much?

The full question: ‘Why does my ex-wife of 12 years hate me so much? She left me for another man but is now on her own, whereas I have a beautifull new girlfriend!’ The answer: You just answered your own question… She hates you because she feels like a failure. She feels like a failure [...]

- There’s a girl I like but she doesn’t like me. What do I do?

Go with another girl – then you become a viable commodity. Being a desperate loser, waiting for her, hoping she will change her mind, will only creep her out even more. Guy Blews (aka. Dr. Smack) – www.SmackTherapy.com

- Do you think I have to be married to have a baby?

Being married doesn’t make you a good parent. But don’t have a baby to trap a man or to find unconditional love – that’s what morons do. Guy Blews (aka. Dr. Smack) – www.SmackTherapy.com

- How do you stop violence?

If someone has a good point, then they don’t need to be violent to get it across, do they? If they have no point, then they try to beat it into people because they are fukken stoopid. If you stick around to be the object of that violence, then you are fukken stoopid too. So, [...]

- Is music the food of love?

Sometimes… But who wants the same meal all the time? Try money, humor, kissing, sex, style and freedom – they all work too. Guy Blews (aka. Dr. Smack) – www.SmackTherapy.com